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See, I did not catch that and I am so flipping intimidated by all the posts on here, I just go with the flow. Listen, here is what I have been told, and who the hell knows, ok? the only place that produced B12 for injection here in the US, as of last fall, was shut down due to some type of compromise or something and would eventually reopen. So, I had to go to sublingual. I have no idea if they are working, I have not had my blood drawn in a bit. But, I can say that the beta blocker given to me to keep me alive since the fatal ventricular tach. was found 2/12, has taken my quality of life to crap. The depression is horrible. My cognitive ability has been on a downtrend for so long, and this site overwhelms me more than I can ever tell any one of you. Read all the posts, are you kidding me? When this started for me in 2006 with the misdx of MS, and I was told there was a brain stem tumor, I was struggling with just being told those two things. Now, after the wrong meds being pushed into my flesh, and being told I did not have MS after two years, but rather CIDP, and being treated with IVIG so that I can feel my feet and hands, and now living feeling like a human tuning fork all over, having the cognitive abilities of a person who has been in a coma for a few years and is not awake, nothing makes sense, and I was a stock broker for my career, and worked in Two World Trade. I am not an idiot, or I did not used to be, I am undone. I can find no one. I need an dr. who can tie all my issues together, I need help. I would go on Dr. Phil in a NY minute to get to the PNP clinic in TX for a total overview. And I have super insurance. Just no confidence in any Dr. I have. A machine in my heart, and a team of drs. for my gastro, which is horrible, two hospt stays passing only blood, each stay dictating ten days. THey do not allow you in the hospt. anymore, so you know how sick I was. I was in the hosp in 2011 12 times. I have a monitor on my heart again, and a difibrillator implanted. If I were not afraid to die, I would end this misery. And I cannot read all this. I have been through so much, I did read, I had all the tests ran. I am negative, negative and againg for everything. I have no idea where to run, or to who.

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jan says

correction…I was told that I did not have MS after taking meds, betaseron, for four years and it is possibly why I have this heart issue. I have an electrical condition i nmy heart because a spot developed. No disease of the plumbing type. Just a stupid spot in the wrong place to ablate. He tried.


My last lot of injetible methyl came from Apothecure in Dallas. Don’t know if it’s still available. I’m due to get my next lot very shortly, so if it’s from the US and is a different lab I’ll post on here. I’ve also put the link to the new video about b12 deficiency from the US again in case you’ve not seen it. I’m truly sorry to hear all you’ve been through and know from experience how you will be struggling to clarify all the info being thrown at you. Here’s the link – if nothing else it will prove to you that you are not alone.


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Sweetheart retractor.
Endoscopic biopsy forceps.
Anatomy of the pharynx.
Retropharyngeal carotid artery, right.
Patient is placed in Crowe Davis suspension prior to biopsy to ensure appropriate exposure. Image courtesy of Brian Reilly, MD.
The tumor is noted to arise from the right tonsil and extend beyond the tonsillar pillars to the posterior oropharynx. Image courtesy of Brian Reilly, MD.
Close up of the same submucosal tumor arising from the oropharynx. Image courtesy of Brian Reilly, MD.
Injection with 1% lidocaine with 1:100,000 epinephrine prior to biopsy. Image courtesy of Brian Reilly, MD.
Defect from the biopsy with cupped forceps. Pathology was consistent with poorly differentiated squamous cell carcinoma. Image courtesy of Brian Reilly, MD.
Oropharyngeal biopsy video. Video courtesy of Brian Reilly, MD.
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