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round to nearest!

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verified that the fast-path was responsible for this inaccuracy, and discussed the issue with the team. His way of fixing it was disabling the instruction in the JIT so that Dolphin would fallback to the slow-path version of the instruction implemented in the interpreter, which didn't have this flaw. Mens Straight Leg Jeans Rando Pioneer Authentic Jeans ee2eRCq8dF
and others on the team realized there was a better way of doing this - FOOTWEAR Loafers Coliac di Martina Grasselli mnJuzCwfhq
had already written a software-based Doubles to Singles conversion for the JIT many years ago. Because it was disabled and thought to have no real impact on any games, it had fallen into disrepair in recent years so it couldn't just be enabled. Instead, Lace Frill Hem Dress Red Missguided QskFOtZZJt
repaired Geo Skinny Ankle Rebel Blue Nobody 7WNBXE7
's code to work in modern Dolphin and JMC47 did his own test and passed it around for others to verify.

And just like that, the platform finally behaved correctly in Dolphin with the JIT!

With phire 's repaired code proving to be more accurate, it replaced the previously active fast-path in Dolphin. Since it is only affecting one instruction, the performance difference was so minor within games that there was no visible change in framerate! Despite making a difference in Super Mario 64 , no one should expect any major differences in other games. This case was a very strange one that no one could have anticipated! On a final note, if you're curious how the finished run would look, the TASers have hacked the glitch into the version of Mupen64 they use for TASing in order to demonstrate how the level would be completed without a single A press.

Much like some previous Virtual Console only strategies, it's possible in the future they'll find a way to get past this blockade on Nintendo 64. Regardless of if they do or not, their efforts have helped make Dolphin a little bit better. And for that, we thank them.

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Over the past month or so, we've gotten a lot of reports on Twitter of what Discord thinks of Dolphin.

Unfotunately, Dolphin is not an Atari game. Discord has been made aware of this and will hopefully address it on their own for our 5.0 users, but yourWaifu came onto the scene to address it in our own way! By using Discord Rich Presence , we can directly tell Discord what we are and have it display in Discord users status messages. But we can do even more, and show precisely which game they are playing in Dolphin!

For users that do not want to show what game they are playing, this feature can be disabled directly in the emulator, or you can just disable the playing a game option entirely in Discord itself.

For adverse effects, we will analyse data from the longest time periods available.

The Cochrane ENT Information Specialist will conduct systematic searches for randomised controlled trials and controlled clinical trials. There will be no language, publication year or publication status restrictions. We may contact original authors for clarification and further data if trial reports are unclear and we will arrange translations of papers where necessary.

Published, unpublished and ongoing studies will be identified by searching the following databases from their inception:

the Cochrane Register of Studies ENT Trials Register (search to date);

Cochrane Register of Studies Online (search to date);

Ovid MEDLINE (1946 to date);

Ovid MEDLINE (In-Process Other Non-Indexed Citations);

PubMed (as a top up to searches in Ovid MEDLINE);

Ovid EMBASE (1974 to date);

Ovid CAB abstracts (1910 to date);

Ovid AMED (1985 to date);

LILACS (search to date);

KoreaMed (search to date);

IndMed (search to date);

PakMediNet (search to date);

Web of Knowledge, Web of Science (1945 to date);

ClinicalTrials.gov, Sneakers for Women On Sale in Outlet Navy Blue suede 2017 3 35 45 55 6 75 Hogan 3 3.5 4.5 5.5 6 7.5 Hogan 1Hcn5
(search via the Cochrane Register of Studies to date);

World Health Organization (WHO) International Clinical Trials Registry Platform (ICTRP) (search to date);

ISRCTN, www.isrctn.com (search to date);

Google Scholar (search to date);

Google (search to date).

The subject strategies for databases will be modelled on the search strategy designed for CENTRAL ( Appendix 1 ). Where appropriate, these will be combined with subject strategy adaptations of the highly sensitive search strategy designed by Cochrane for identifying randomised controlled trials and controlled clinical trials (as described in the Cochrane Handbook for Systematic Reviews of Interventions Version 5.1.0, Box 6.4.b. ( Handbook 2011 )).

We will scan the reference lists of identified publications for additional trials and contact trial authors if necessary. In addition, the Information Specialist will search Ovid MEDLINE, the Cochrane Library and Google to retrieve existing systematic reviews relevant to this systematic review, so that we can scan their reference lists for additional trials.

At least two review authors (KH and SG) will independently screen all titles and abstracts of the studies obtained from the database searches to identify potentially relevant studies. At least two review authors (KH and CP) will evaluate the full text of each potentially relevant study to determine whether it meets the inclusion and exclusion criteria for this review.

We will resolve any differences by discussion and consensus, with the involvement of a third author for clinical and/methodological input where necessary.

At least two review authors (KH and SG) will independently extract data from each study using a standardised data collection form (see printed espadrilles Blue Roberto Cavalli 3lIVOfMgm
). Whenever a study has more than one publication, we will retrieve all publications to ensure complete extraction of data. Where there are discrepancies in the data extracted by different review authors, we will check these against the original reports and we will resolve differences by discussion and consensus, with the involvement of a third author or a methodologist where appropriate. We will contact the original study authors for clarification or for missing data whenever required. If differences are found between publications of a study, we will contact the original authors for clarification. We will use data from the main paper(s) if no further information is found.


Using the REST API
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Browse: / REST API Handbook / Extending the REST API / Modifying Responses


The default endpoints of the WordPress REST API are designed to return data by default that provides for the majority of sites and use cases, but there are often situations where you will need to access or expose additional data in the responses for various object types.

As with the rest of WordPress, the REST API is designed to be highly extensible to fit these needs. This guide details how to add additional data to the responses of default endpoints using the register_rest_field and register_meta functions.You can use these functions to add fields to any of the object types supported by the REST API. These custom fields can support both get and update operations.

Alert: Changing or removing data from core REST API endpoint responses can break plugins or WordPress core behavior, and should be avoided wherever possible.

The API exposes many fields on API responses, including things you might not need, or which might not fit into how your site works. While it’s tempting to modify or remove fields from REST API responses, this will cause problems with API clients that expect standard responses. This includes mobile clients, third party tools to help you manage your site, or wp-admin itself.

You may only need a small amount of data, but it’s important to keep in mind that the API is about exposing an interface to all clients, not just the feature you’re working on. Changing responses is dangerous.

Adding fields is not dangerous, so if you need to modify data, it’s much better to duplicate the field instead with your modified data. Removing fields is never encouraged; if you need to get back a smaller subset of data, work with contexts instead, and consider making your own context.

If you must remove fields from an existing context you should ensure that the behavior is opt-in , for example by providing a custom query parameter to trigger the field removal.


The API cannot prevent you from changing responses, but the code is structured to strongly discourage doing so. Internally, field registration is powered by filters, and these can be used if you absolutely have no other choice.

There are two methods which can be used to add data to WordPress REST API responses, register_rest_field and register_meta .

register_rest_field may be used to add arbitrary fields to any REST API response, and can be used to both read and write data using the API. To register a new REST field you must provide your own callback functions to get or set the field’s value, as well as manually specify your own schema definition for the field.

When situs cannot be determined, the patient has situs ambiguous or heterotaxy. In these patients, the liver may be midline, the spleen absent or multiple, the atrial morphology unclear, and the bowel malrotated. Often, normally unilateral structures are duplicated or absent. The 2 primary subtypes of situs ambiguous include (1) right isomerism, or asplenia syndrome, and (2) left isomerism, or polysplenia syndrome.Heterotaxy syndromes have an incidence of 1 in 10,000 newborn births but account for about 4% of all congenital heart disease (CHD). []

In classic right isomerism, or asplenia, bilateral right-sidedness occurs. These patients have bilateral right atria, a centrally located liver, and an absent spleen, and both lungs have 3 lobes. The descending aorta and inferior vena cava are on the same side of the spine.Right isomerism has an incidence of between 1 in 10,000 and 1 in 20,000 births, male predominance, and a nearly 100% incidence of CHD. It often presents in childhood with a cyanotic heart defect such as a common AV canal, univentricular heart, transposition of the great arteries, or total anomalous pulmonary venous return. []

In left isomerism, or polysplenia, bilateral left-sidedness occurs. These patients have bilateral left atria and multiple spleens, and both lungs have 2 lobes. Interruption of the inferior vena cava with azygous or hemiazygous continuation is often present.Left isomerism has an incidence of between 1 in 10,000 and 1 in 20,000 births and a female predominance.Associated cardiac malformations include partial anomalous pulmonary venous return, atrial septal defect (ASD), and a common atrioventricular (AV) canal. []

The features of situs ambiguous are inconsistent; therefore, situs ambiguous cases are challenging and require thorough evaluation of the viscera. [] The location and relationships of the following should be reviewed carefully: abdominal viscera, hepatic veins, superior vena cava, inferior vena cava, coronary sinus, pulmonary veins, cardiac atria, atrioventricular connections and valves, cardiac ventricles, position of the cardiac apex, and aortic arch and great vessels.

Situs inversus occurs more commonly with dextrocardia. [] A 3-5% incidence of congenital heart disease is observed in situs inversus with dextrocardia, usually with transposition of the great vessels. Of these patients, 80% have a right-sided aortic arch. Situs inversus with levocardia is rare, [] and it is almost always associated with congenital heart disease. [, , , , , ]

The typical clinical phenotype of primary ciliary dyskinesia (PCD) includes any or all of the following: neonatal respiratory distress; chronic, persistent lower respiratory symptoms (early onset and persistent wet cough); chronic, persistent upper respiratory symptoms (nasal congestion and otitis media), and a laterality defect (situs inversus or ambiguous). The presence of any 2 of these features provides a strong clinical phenotype for PCD. At least 12% of PCD patients have situs ambiguous, and these patients have a 200-fold increased probability of having structural congenital heart disease as compared to the general population with heterotaxy. []

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